Altemflower man

We believe that the shirt makes the man. The Altemflower man is intelligent and careful, versatile and cosmopolitan and research in clothing a way to express his personality in every occasion. For us the real beauty is to listen and follow our passions, to draw inspiration from nature by imitating it and enhancing it, to create something new and special. A skilful blend of essential style, attention to detail and innovative design have made us one of the most influential performers of the world shirt.

“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.”

(Oscar Wilde)

Autumn/Winter 2016

The Autumn/Winter 2016 confirms the great attention to research and quality of fabrics ranging from classic weaves up to the fil coupe. The jacquard fabric will occupy an important role in the collections, great attention also to the yarns, in particular to the microstructures, which remain a clear tendency of the cold season

Modern dandy

Aristocratic in his way, a man with an ironic smile and a natural elegance that choose carefully the datails, a modern dandy that interprets his style wearing the shirt on every occasion with easiness.

Urban elegance

Today's man is rediscovering an urban elegance, which calls calls for using the right clothes at the right moment. The shirts is a pleasant retourn to the great classic, which go well with the traditional tailor-made pieces from Naples.


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